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Assignment 3

Privacy loopholes associated with Fousquare

What is most concerning is the possibility of some or all of our data being compromised? Sure, it can happen at the restaurant where we had dinner last night, the Shell Oil where we purchase gasoline, an airline where we just purchased a ticket. Perhaps the only difference is the fact that many of these companies (and companies like Amex, Visa, MasterCard, etc.) have years of real world, real time experience handling this data and these startups do not.  Foursquare can paint a very vivid picture of your life, good and bad, but only if you let it. It can build up a great personal brand for you or it can seriously cause your credibility to be questioned. It is definitely one more place where keeping your online image in mind is the key to creating a quality personal brand.  Just remember:  As you’ve probably read countless times here, don’t put anything online you don’t want your boss finding out about, because at some point they probably will. This system enables people to access your face book, know what you look like and gather your personal information and location within a few meters. This person will know more about you than if they talked to you for an hour. Imagine not knowing it yet but you’re about to meet your new digital stalker.

here is the overall conclusion by James Clark



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